Sunday, July 20, 2008


Final Update on the Big Summer Hunt 2008

As told before I will visit France and Spain this year, I will take pictures of McDo's in the following places:

- Saran (near Orléans)
- Orléans
- Pau
- Huesca
- Zaragoza
- Cuenca
- Tangier (In Morocco)
- Cartagena
- Mataro (near Barcelona)
- Barcelona
- Lyon
- Luxembourg

This will take about 4 weeks. So after that there will be some results again.

Also after spain I will visit Rome again for a couple of days. So probably some new results also!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


McResults July 2008

These days I went to both Hannover and Düsseldorf (in Germany) and Amsterdam to get touristic and to take shots of McDonald's restaurants. Here are the results:

First Amsterdam:
McDonald's Amsterdam 1e van Swindenstraat 68-70 (The Netherlands)

McDonald's Amsterdam Spaklerweg 38 (The Netherlands)

McDonald's Amsterdam Z.O. Bijlmerplein 368 (The Netherlands)

McDonald's Amsterdam Z.O. Muntbergweg 16-18 (The Netherlands)

McDonald's Neuss Niederstrasse 11 (Germany)

Düsseldorf is next:
McDonald's Düsseldorf Fahrstrasse 27-29 (Germany)

McDonald's Düsseldorf Mercedesstrasse 13 (Germany)

McDonald's Düsseldorf Graf-Adolf-Strasse 56 (Germany)

McDonald's Düsseldorf Am Wehrhahn 4 (Germany)

McDonald's Düsseldorf Neustrasse 16 (Germany)

McDonald's Düsseldorf Konrad-Adenhauer-Platz 14 Hauptbahnhof (Germany)

And last but not least Hannover (also Laatzen, Auetal-Rehren and Ibbenbüren):
McDonald's Hannover Bahnhofstrasse 8 Ernst-August Markthalle (Germany)

McDonald's Hannover Ernst-August-Platz Hauptbahnhof (Germany)

McDonald's Hannover Andreasstrasse 1 (Germany)

McDonald's Hannover Hildesheimer strasse 316 (Germany)

McDonald's Hannover Georgstrasse 9 (Germany)

McDonald's Auetal-Rehern Altes Feld (Germany)

McDonald's Ibbenbüren Rudolf-Diesel Strasse 2 (Germany)

McDonald's Laatzen Karlsruher Strasse 12a (Germany)

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