Monday, May 30, 2011


Israeli results!

As promised new results!

Frankfurt International Airport
McDonald's Frankfurt Internatinal Airport Terminal 2 Food Plaza (Germany)

Tel Aviv
McDonald's Tel Aviv Weizmann Center (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv Foodcourt (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Tower (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Ramat Aviv Mall (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Habarzel 32 (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Nokia Arena (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv New Bus station (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Mikado Center (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Azrieli Center (Israel)

Ramat Gan
McDonald's Ramat Gan Elram Center (Israel)

McDonald's Ramat Gan Bursa (Israel)

McDonald's Ramat Gan Ayalon Mall (Israel)

McDonald's Ramat Gan Ayalon Mall Foodcourt (Israel)

Petah Tikva
McDonald's Petah Tikva Rothschild (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva Em Hamoshavot Shopping Center (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva Hasivim 2 (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva The Big Mall McExpress (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva The Big Mall Foodcourt (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva Beilinson Hospital (Israel)

McDonald's Herzliya Delek Petrolstation (Israel)

McDonald's Herzliya Arena Mall (Israel)

McDonald's Herzliya 7Star Mall (Israel)

McDonald's Givatschmuel Hagiva Mall (Israel)

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