Sunday, September 13, 2015


Last Notice on McKroes McPictures Blog

Dear Readers, as you might have noticed, this blog went silent a while a go. For any additional McDonald's related photo's I advise you to keep a close watch on my account where several new McDonald's photo's have been posted. You can find the photo stream on: Many thanks for reading and the comments/support! Yours sincerely, McKroes

Monday, February 13, 2012


Several new results

This post contains of several new results from different countries:
- Denmark
- Sweden
- the Netherlands


McDonald's Aarhus Hovedbanegård Banegårdspladsen 1 (Denmark)

McDonald's Aarhus Randersvej 150 (Denmark)

McDonald's Aarhus Søndergade 56 (Denmark)

McDonald's Aarhus Store Torv 11 (Denmark)



McDonald's Göteborg Postgatan 28 Nordstan (Sweden)

McDonald's Göteborg Klädpressaregatan 4 Nordstan (Sweden)

McDonald's Göteborg Götgatan 16 Nordstan (Sweden)

McDonald's Göteborg Kungsportsavenyn 32 (Sweden)

McDonald's Göteborg Kungsgatan 55-57 (Sweden)

McDonald's Göteborg Vallhallagatan 1 Scandinavium (Sweden)

The Netherlands:


McDonald's Amsterdam IJdoornlaan 1001 (The Netherlands)


McDonald's Purmerend Verzetslaan 2 (The Netherlands)


McDonald's Zaandam Stormhoek 1 (The Netherlands)

McDonald's Zaandam Koningin Julianaweg 45 (The Netherlands)


McDonald's Dordrecht Bagijnhof 10-12 (The Netherlands)

Next results will be during spring and summer! Which will include Italy and Spain!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Belgian Results!

As promised some Belgian results:

McDonald's Anderlecht Drève Olympic 15 C.C. Cora (Belgium)

McDonald's Brussels Waterloosesteenweg 717 (Belgium)

St Pieters Leeuw
McDonald's St. Pieters Leeuw Bergensesteenweg 65 (Belgium)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


New Plans

First of all:

- Happy holidays
- and a good 2012! (in advanced)

New planning

In the end of this year and 2012, there are some plans for new photo's!
- Brussels and surroundings
- Grand Canaria

Stay tuned!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Israeli results!

As promised new results!

Frankfurt International Airport
McDonald's Frankfurt Internatinal Airport Terminal 2 Food Plaza (Germany)

Tel Aviv
McDonald's Tel Aviv Weizmann Center (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv Foodcourt (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Tower (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Ramat Aviv Mall (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Habarzel 32 (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Nokia Arena (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv New Bus station (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Mikado Center (Israel)

McDonald's Tel Aviv Azrieli Center (Israel)

Ramat Gan
McDonald's Ramat Gan Elram Center (Israel)

McDonald's Ramat Gan Bursa (Israel)

McDonald's Ramat Gan Ayalon Mall (Israel)

McDonald's Ramat Gan Ayalon Mall Foodcourt (Israel)

Petah Tikva
McDonald's Petah Tikva Rothschild (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva Em Hamoshavot Shopping Center (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva Hasivim 2 (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva The Big Mall McExpress (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva The Big Mall Foodcourt (Israel)

McDonald's Petah Tikva Beilinson Hospital (Israel)

McDonald's Herzliya Delek Petrolstation (Israel)

McDonald's Herzliya Arena Mall (Israel)

McDonald's Herzliya 7Star Mall (Israel)

McDonald's Givatschmuel Hagiva Mall (Israel)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Plans Plans Plans and results


As you all might know Israel is in the planning again!

I probably will visit Tel Aviv and suburbs:

- Petach Tikvah
- Ramat Aviv
- Ramat Gan
- Givat'ayim
- Herzliya
- Rehovot (maybe)

that will be about 20 shots.


This summer will be USA! and some not yet to be revealed other places in Europe.

In the USA I will visit:
- Denver
- Colorado Springs
- Taos
- Santa Fé
- Las Cruces
- Tucson
- Phoenix
- San Diego (and Tijuana in Mexico)
- Los Angeles (including Long Beach, Hollywood, Downey)
- Santa Barbara
- Monterey/Marina
- San Francisco

EU spots in Summer will be revealed later.....

Now some new results:

McDonald's München Flughafen Airport Center Terminalstrasse Mitte 18 (Germany)

McDonald's Athens Lamias & Tegeas (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 190 El. Venizelou (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 79 Amfithea (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 9 Andrea Papandreou (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 36 Ethnikis Antistaseos (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 36 Iliou (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 6 Plateia Omonia (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 339 Iera Odos (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 206 Mesogion (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 226 Leoforos Thivon (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 10 Agios Lavras (Greece)

McDonald's Athens 80 Pentelis (Greece)

McDonald's Spata 5km Leoforos Spaton Athens International Airport (Greece)

McDonald's Lelystad Larserplein 10 (The Netherlands)

McDonald's Almere Montrealstraat 120 (The Netherlands)

McDonald's Almere Stationsstraat 55 (The Netherlands)

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