Tuesday, July 11, 2006


McDonald's restaurants Zoetermeer all captured

Had a little trip towards the city centre yesterday. This is the result:

This will be my last McDonald's Picture for the moment. My big hunt will start tomorrow! Some data for the people who are interested, i'm hoping to visit one of these McDonald's Restaurants:
- McDonald's in Andernach (Germany)
- McDonald's along the A61/A5 Highway (Germany)
- McDonald's along the A2 Highway (Switzerland)
- McDonald's in Bologna City Centre (Italy)
- McDonald's in Ancona (Italy)
- McDonald's in Thessaloniki (Greece)
- McDonald's in Istanbul (Turkey)
- McDonald's in Sapanca (Turkey)
- McDonald's in Izmir (Turkey)
- McDonald's in Ferrara (Italy)
- McDonald's along the Brenner Highway (Austria)
- McDonald's along the highways (Germany)

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