Monday, December 25, 2006


Happy holidays and a wonderfull 2007!

Friday, December 22, 2006


Five thing about me......

JW of the asked me and 4 other bloggers to tell a bit more about our selves. So 5 things you (maybe) did not know about me....

1. I once applied for a job at McDonald's in Zoetermeer Zilverstraat(The Netherlands), but it did not workout because of the lack of days off. I go alot on vacation. So that did not work so well.

2. Just like JW i'm also member of the Ronald McDonald Junior Club of the Netherlands.

3. My McPictures were almost used in an American television programm on NBC. But the item was shelved at the end.

4. I do not like to do any sport that involves a ball... Got bad memories, like for example a basketball on my nose.

5. I'm still living the free life. No girlfriends at the moment although I had about 13 in the past...

So this are my "shocking" facts that nobody knew anything about.

I would like to invite McChronicles, McDone, and The McDonald's You don't Know to do the same :)


McDonald's Vlaardingen

Today I went all the way to the McDonald's in Vlaardingen (this is a city near Rotterdam). This is very nice McDonald's. Service is ok and interior is green but modern.

My next hunt will arrive soon! McDonald's Israel here I come!

Click on picture for large view!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


McDonald's Wateringen (The Netherlands)

If I have got some spare time, I do sometimes think it's McTime! So I hunted down a nearby McDonald's in Wateringen (See photo). This McDonald's is one of the smallest in the Netherlands. This because it's situated in a Gas Station (BP). It's also the only Mcdonald's in the Netherlands situated in a Gas Station.

I also took a new (better) picture of the McDonald's in the city of Rijswijk (this is near The Hague).

Have fun with the new pictures! Click on Picture for large view.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


My next Hunt is coming up

During the Cristmas Holidays I will be going on a trip to Israel, I will visit the following cities:

- Jerusalem
- Ein Bokek (near Dead Sea)
- Eilat
- Petra (Jordan)

Maybe there will be some other little hunts in between but I do not know yet. So stay posted!

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