Thursday, August 30, 2007


Serious Eats

One of my fastfood collegues called Slice from "A Hamburger Today" has worked on a very interresting article and it's published on

As you can see on the screenshot one of my McPictures has been used. I'm rather proud to be in the article with my picture!

Click on the picture for the article


"Geen Stijl"

A couple of weeks I found out the blog "Geen Stijl" (stands for "No Style") Linked to one of my McPictures in one of their items.

Geen Stijl is a rather famous weblog in the Netherlands so i'm very happy for such a publicity!

(click on picture for the item, sorry only in dutch)

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Results Resultados Resultaten!

This summer as you might have read in my previous posts, i've been traveling trough Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria and Germany). These are the results (click on the picture for large view and more information on the restaurant):

McDonald's Parma Via San Leonardo 51 (Italy)

McDonald's Piombino Viale Unità D'Italia 33 (Italy)

McDonald's Innsbruck Mitterweg 1 (Austria)

McDonald's Innsbruck Maria-Theresienstraße 40 (Austria)

McDonald's Innsbruck Herzog Friedrich Straße 35 (Austria)

McDonald's Königswinter Königswinterstrasse 235 (Germany)

McDonald's Roma C.C. Cinecittà Due - Viale P. Togliatti 2 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Corso Francia 80 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Piazza Di Spagna 46-47 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 135-137-139 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Piazza Sidney Sonnino 39-40 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Via Golametto 4a-b-c Angolo Piazzale Clodio (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Via Appia Nuova 114-120 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo 21-22 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Viale Europa 99-101-103-105 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Viale America 270 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Via Tiburtina 515 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Stazione Tiburtina Interno (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Termini Forum Via Marsala 25 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Termini Via Marsala 25 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Via G. Giolitti 65 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Piazza Della Repubblica 40 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Via Firenze 58 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Piazza Della Rotonda 14a-15 (Italy)

McDonald's Roma Piazza Annibaliano 8-8a (Italy)

McDonald's Ljubljana Jurĉkova cesta 232 (Slovenia)

McDonald's Ljubljana Copova ulica 14 (Slovenia)

McDonald's Pfalzfeld An der A61 (Germany)

McDonald's Mönchengladbach Adolf-Kempken-Weg 121 (Germany)

McDonald's Schweitenkirchen Robert-Koch-Strasse 5 (Germany)

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