Sunday, May 24, 2009


Results! here they are!

The last couple of days i went to Aachen and Düren and these are the new results!
The coming week I will be in Italy so expect some new results soon!


McDonald's Aachen Zollamtstrasse 1 Hauptbahnhof (Germany)


McDonald's Düren Josef-Schregel-Strasse 14 (Germany)

McDonald's Düren Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 3 (Germany)

McDonald's Düren Im Großen Tal 3 (Gemany)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Spring Break Results!

During my spring break, I visited Portugal, Spain and Germany. I managed to get some new results from both Portugal and Germany. Enjoy! Some of the Portuguese restaurants already have the new look!



McDonald's Porto Avenida Boavista 1745 (Portugal)

McDonald's Porto C.C. Cidade do Porto Loja 21 (Portugal)

Senhora da Hora:

McDonald's Senhora da Hora C.C. Norte Shopping Loja 1122 (Portugal)


McDonald's Aveiro C.C. Forum Aveiro Loja 2.17 (Portugal)



McDonald's Mainz Gutenbergplatz 8-12 (Germany)

McDonald's Mainz Bahnhofplatz 1A Hauptbahnhof (Germany)


McDonald's Wiesbaden Bahnhofplatz 1 Hauptbahnhof (Germany)

McDonald's Wiesbaden Kirchgasse 64 (Germany)

McDonald's Wiesbaden Mainzerstrasse 99-101 (Germany)

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